Matthew McCabe

A forward thinking young Lasombra


Clan: Lasombra
Generation: 9th
Embraced: 1949
Faction: Sabbat
Path: Humanity
Pack: Phantom Royals
Position: Ductus of the Phantom Royals Pack

Childe of Gabriella
Grandchilde of Marie de Chambéry
Sire of Thomas

Charisma 3 ; Appearance 3

Standing 6’0 with an athletic build Matt might be called handsome by some. He has brown hair and hazel eyes which stand out against his now pale skin.


- Speaks French, Spanish, Latin and a bit of German.

- Known as one of the Crusade’s leading intelligence gathers, Matt runs a network of Sabbat Cainite and Revenant plants, Ghoul agents and mortal minions in Toronto with the help of his Pack.

- He and his pack have been near Toronto the longest.

- He’s a World War Two veteran, was an Infantry Officer in the Canadian Army who was seconded to Military Intelligence after VE Day. That’s where he caught his sire’s attention.

- The Phantom Royals practice the Vaulderie more often than many other Sabbat Packs. Apparently it’s to ensure the loyalty and morale of pack members who go undercover.

- Comes off as soft but the last person who really tried to push him around disappeared without a trace. Well there might have been a trace since that Pander’s Pack apologized to Matt a week later. It wasn’t the first time some idiot tried him and was never heard from again.

- Still has a thing for women, apparently he’s got quite a list of girlfriends.

- Not even the soon to be Archbishop knows how wide and deep his network goes in the city.

Matthew McCabe

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