Marie de Chambéry

Leader of the Sabbat Crusade of Toronto


Clan: Lasombra
Generation: 7th
Embraced: Not Public Knowledge
Faction: Sabbat
Path: Power and the Inner Voice
Pack: Black Crown
Position: Archbishop of Toronto (Pending Successful Completion of Siege), Ductus of the Black Crown Pack. Formerly Bishop of Laval.

Sire of: Gabriella and Javier de Silva
Grandsire of: Matthew McCabe
Great Grandsire of: Thomas

Charisma 5 ; Appearance 3

Marie de Chambéry stands 5’5 but seems taller due to her imposing presence and commanding personality. Slim of build with dark hair and eyes and pale skin, the Lasombra cuts a regal figure with an appearance that calls back to an older time. She also speaks with a slight French accent.


- Known to speak English, French, Italian, Latin, Spanish, German, Greek and Arabic. Has offered tutorials in these languages in the past to Lasombra and other full members of the Sabbat who are able to earn a hint of her respect.

- Was previously the Bishop of Laval and acted as the head of Intelligence for Sabbat Citadel of Montreal.

- A noted chess player.

- Has been planning the Siege of Toronto for the last eight years.

- Probably knows at least one more language.
- She’s Old, like potentially Anarch Revolt and founding of the Sabbat Old.
- She spent at least a century, maybe two in Torpor. Apparently she took a period of time after awakening to readjust to the changed world.
- She was an Archbishop before she was Torpored, somewhere in France or Northern Italy.
- Related in some way to the House of Savoy.
(Lasombra Only) – Totally a member of Les Amis Noirs.

Marie de Chambéry

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