Lasombra Occultist and Investigator


Clan: Lasombra
Generation: 8th
Embraced: Late 19th Century (Assumed)
Faction: Sabbat
Path: Humanity
Pack: Shadow Tomes
Position: Ductus of The Shadow Tomes

Childe of: Marie de Chambéry
Sire of: Matthew McCabe
Grandsire of: Thomas

Charisma 4, Appearance 4

Gabriella is tall for a woman, standing just under six feet, and is possessed of a slim but still athletic build that many would call graceful. Pale but still touched by humanity the Lasombra has short dark brown hair and enchanting brown eyes and tends to dress in expensive outfits with more than a bit of leather. Her favorite is an all-black leather man’s overcoat.



-For sure speaks French, Italian, Spanish, Latin and Arabic in addition to English.

-Displays a good range of out of clan disciplines.

-Highly educated.

-Gets along well the Tremere Antis and other more occult aligned Clans in the Sabbat.


-Black Hand. She’s totally Black Hand.

-Nah she’s Inquisition. That’s why they gave her Tremere Antis – the hunt infernalists.

-I heard that she’s really Lucita de Aragón.

- Related in some way to the House of Savoy.

(Lasombra Only) – Totally a member of Les Amis Noirs.


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