Spencer Frederick Wentworth

Camarilla Prince of Toronto


Clan: Ventrue
Generation: 8th
Embraced: 1767
Faction: Camarilla
Path: Humanity
Position: Prince of Toronto

Charisma 4, Appearance 3

The Prince of Toronto is a Kindred possessed of a stately and refined appearance. Standing just under six feet Prince Wentworth is of a lean build with light brown hair and blue eyes. Embraced in his late thirties Wentworth still speaks with his native English accent and stands out as a proper English gentleman of the Georgian era due to his taste in conservative clothing.



- Claimed Praxis of Toronto in 1954 after the previous Prince was killed in a Lupine attack during Hurricane Hazel.

- Has had numerous runs in with Clan Brujah both before and during his time in power.

- Known ally of Clan Tremere.


- Blood Bound to the Tremere Regent.

- His Ventrue feeding habit is something he’s ashamed of and will kill to keep quiet.

- Also not very fond of the Gangrel and the Nosferatu. Or the Malks. Tolerates the Toreador.

- He got Prince because everyone wanted a weak sap on the throne.

- His Ventrue first, Tremere second and everyone else last policies have left him really, really unpopular.

Spencer Frederick Wentworth

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